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Portfolio Powerhouse is the new ½ hour weekly business and investment program debuting Saturday mornings on CNBC and the Cable Radio Network and on over 100 radio stations and hundreds of affiliates across the US to a combined audience of over 100 million households. During each 30 minute episode Portfolio Powerhouse will feature select public companies, their operations and products or services in 5 minute video segments to our primarily consumer and investor based audience

The show is hosted by a professional anchor and presented in a news program format 

Each company’s video segment will profile their corporate operations, senior executives as well the company’s products and services. Portfolio Powerhouse will feature companies in a way that showcases their best attributes and explains to potential consumers and investors the benefits of learning more about the company and its products or services as well as its investment opportunity

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of Over 

100 Milliion Households!

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Welcome to Portfolio Powerhouse – featuring today’s companies for tomorrow’s success. Thank you for joining us this week.

Our first featured company today is Printec, Inc. an established player in the burgeoning 3D printing sector. I say “burgeoning” sector, but the truth is engineers and designers have been using 3D printers, also known as “additive manufacturing” for more than a decade, to create everything from replacement teeth to helping engineer a 2,000 ton bridge – utilizing a wide range of materials from porcelain to actual human cells.

3D printing is not only transforming businesses like Printec but entire industries and the cost of these manufacturing marvels can range from a few hundred dollars for simple desktop fabrication to several thousands of dollars for larger commercial models.


Printec, Inc. is located in the heart of the Ohio Valley, employing over 30 full time employees.

CEO David Stark says that based just on the projected growth for the 3D printing industry, Printec plans on doubling its operational capacity over the next 36 months as well as the roll-out of several premiere 3D printing units.

Printec’s most affordable and best selling 3D printer is its patented “Printet 300” desktop fabrication unit.

David Stark says that the Printec 300 is so simple, literally anyone can use it – and an added appeal to consumers is its price – with units currently selling for under $400 – and its compact design allows it to be truly a “desktop” printer.

Printec products can also be purchased as kits – 3d printing enthusiasts now have the opportunity to assemble and customize the printers themselves – all keeping with Printec’s stated mission to provide consumers with world-class capabilities at best-in-class prices.

Printec also manufactures a line of professional grade 3D printing units that offer high resolution, fast speeds and large print size.

Stark says that every Printec 3D printer is engineered for maximum reliability and performance, with over 10,000 hours of reliability testing.

3D printers can utilize a variety of compounds and materials, and different types of 3d printers will have different specifications and capabilities. Printec 3D printers can print most any material that can be heated to 300 degrees.   

Portfolio Powerhouse asked CEO David Stark where he felt the 3d printing industry was headed over the next few years?


“The market for 3D printing, more technically called additive manufacturing , or AM, grew at an annual rate over 35 percent to $4.1 billion in 2014, The industry expanded by more than $1 billion in 2014 alone, with 49 manufacturers producing and selling industrial-grade AM machines. That’s pretty impressive growth for any sector or industry, and I absolutely expect those numbers to continue, and most likely increase based on recent trends – until 3D printers become as common and widespread as computers. And if you think about it – one day the computer as we know it may be replaced with something more technologically advanced, but 3D printers are pretty much here to stay”


From teeth to tools, from medicines to mugs, 3D printers may indeed be here to stay. Your ideas and designs can become reality right before your eyes and in many cases right on your desk top, thanks to the new advancements and affordability of professional 3D printers – and for those of you not quite convinced to go out and “buy” a 3D printer just yet, Printec now offers affordable and convenient leasing plans on most of their models.


Thank you to Printec, Inc. and CEO David Stark for letting Portfolio Powerhouse kick the tires and look under the hood of one of the 3D printing sector’s emerging players. For a complete profile of Printec, Inc. and more information about their full line of 3D printing products and services, be sure to visit PortfolioPowerhouse.com  

Our next featured company in the emerging 3D printing sector is Arcton Technologies, Inc. a leading innovator in 3D printing software and applications – Portfolio Powerhouse recently visited Arcton Technologies at their corporate and manufacturing headquarters in Florida…